Consignment Program

How it works

  •  We work on a net figure with you. 
  • Anything over and above that net figure is what we keep for selling the vehicle
  • There is a one-time fee of $199. What we do for that is $199 is get the vehicle smogged and safety checked, completely detailed (inside and out) and wash the car once a week. All of this actually costs us $280.
  • The consignment period is for 60 days. Most of the cars we sell between 2 to 3 weeks. If by some chance, the car has not sold at the end of the 60 day period, you may either pick up the vehicle or leave it here on a day-to-day basis at no extra charge.
  • If we don't feel we can sell your car, we won't take it in.  We don't want to waste your $199 or our time.
  • We go out on all test drives.  Nobody drives your car unless a sales-person is with them.
  • It's a good idea to leave your full insurance coverage on the car while we have it. We have liability, but do NOT have fire, theft or collision.
  • If someone comes in with a down payment and wants to buy your car, we take care of finding bank financing for them.
  • We take care of all DMV work for both the buyer and the seller.

 Our Total Cost                                                   $260.00

 You Pay Only:                                                    $199.00

Things to bring with you

  1. Title

  2. Registration

  3. Service Records

  4. Extra Keys

  5. Car MUST have FULL tank of gas or there will be a flat charge of $100.00.