Read what our customers have to say about our detailing (and our sales)!

(The following testimonials are true and have been copied with the authors' permissions.)



“BK Motors kept all their promises”

After driving by BK Motors multiple times and seeing a regularly changing inventory of well maintained cars for sale, we decided to sell our BMW X3 over BK Motors. Bob (the owner) is easy and fun to work with and has a lot of experience in selling used cars. The mandatory detailing was absolutely worth the money and our car sold within the estimated time frame of 2 weeks. Bob and BK Motors kept all their promises and our experience was absolutely stellar. I highly recommend BK Motors!

— Joerg B.
Half Moon Bay, CA

“Bob is a super nice guy",

Honest, straightforward and trustworthy. We recently bought a used BMW from him and the whole deal was pleasant and painless, just how buying a car should be! I would recommend buying from him in a heartbeat. We love his kitty as well!


— Kevin S.

"Bought my car from Bob Kay at BK Motors last week. Was probably the easiest car transaction I made in the last 20 years"

— Susan B, Half Moon Bay

“Oh my, it is gorgeous!"

Thank you so much for giving me a new car again!  I want to put an ad in the window saying where I got it done!

How about a sign that says. . ."Look at me shine!  I was just detailed at BK Motors!"!!!!

— Kristin Jensen-McNamara
Half Moon Bay, CA

“Next car? BK Motors.”

Just bought a Mercedes from Bob Kay.  Great guy who helped me buy this car instead of wanting to make a sale. Thorough follow up on the questions that I had about the car. Next car? BK Motors.

— Lemke Mier,
Redwood City, CA

“Bob Kay is a no pressure salesman & is transparent and honest with all cars he sells.”

I have purchased 4 cars to date from Bob, and we still have them all.  I have purchased a 2003 convertible Cobra, 2003 Audi RS6, Chevy Volt, and Subaru Outback.  As you can see he sells all sorts of cars, and he stands behind each one.  Buying from him is a breeze.  He is a low-no pressure salesman and is transparent and honest with all cars he sells.  He also runs a top flight detail shop captained by Jose, who genuinely cares about making each car you bring look its best.  I look forward to future dealings with BK Motors!

— D.W.
Daly City, CA


“I highly recommend!”

To my utter shock and joy my car was returned almost like new! Dog hair and sand was gone, everything sparkled, and even the oil stain was almost undetectable. The detailer EVEN put my front license plate back on and remounted the lid to the storage compartment. All this for under $150.

If only everyone had this kind of work ethic, the world would be such a better place! I highly recommend.

— Leela L.
Half Moon Bay, CA

"I am still smiling about how beautiful my car looks"

When I left the VW showroom with this car brand new in March of 2002, the car was not as clean nor as sparkly as it was today after B.K. Detailing. Your wizard, Jose, did an amazing job on it. Thanks so much for the great work and the fast turnaround. I was able to leave the car in the morning, complete all my errands and meetings in HMB and still get back to Pacifica by mid-afternoon. That's a big convenience. And...I am still smiling about how beautiful my car looks. I will refer a lot of my friends to you in the future knowing they will be pleased, as well.

— Yvonne Lorvan                                                                                Pacifica, CA


This guy is a true gentleman. He is located in Half Moon Bay, CA and my wife and I live in Sacramento. On Sunday, I found a car that I was interested in, so I called. Bob answered all of my questions and said that he was willing to stick around while we made the 3 hour drive. I showed up to find that everything he said was the truth, and that he was a very nice guy. We couldn't buy the car that day because the banks were closed, but he was willing to wait up until 10pm on Monday for us to arrive (darn work). He secured us unbelievable financing and did not, and can not, add points of interest on top. Price, Amazing, Bob, Gentleman, Car, Impeccable. My wife and I are so thankful to Bob, this is how car buying should be.

— Zachary Wolf                                                                                Sacramento, CA